28th September 2018: "Career Opportunities in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics" in InCoB, JNU New Delhi

A session was organised as a part of Seventeenth International Conference of Bioinformatics (InCoB) held during Sept 26th-28th, 2018 in which leaders from acdemia and industry partners described about the career opportunities in the field. Dr. Satish Gupta from TCS had a discussion with students about career opportunities in industry whereas Prof. Lukasz Kurgan expanded the scope in academia. Several other researchers took part in the discussion. Along with the panel discussion, a scientific writing competition was organised to enhance the writng and critical thinking among students pursuing research. We recieved an overwhelming response for the events.


CBDG-SHIATS as part of the RSG-India initiatives came up with its first webinar with the theme " Kaleidoscope Of Computation In Biology ". Aimed at providing exposure to experts working in the field of computational biology and their expertise. Speakers were from different counties across the globe. There were two delivered lectures, titled "Bio-inspired Computing and complex Systems Modelling" delivered by Prof. Atulya Nagar, Liverpool Hope University, UK. The other speaker was from Hebrew University of Jerusalema, Dr. Liel Sapir. His topic of lecture was " How do cosolutes stabilize marcromolecules? From bridging to depleting attach ions". The webinar's recording gained popularity on Youtube channel as well and could be accessed through the following link.

19th October 2013: A guest lecture on "Next Generation Sequencing" by Dr. G. Ramesh Kumar (Research scientist at AU-KBC) in VIT Vellore

Dr. G. Ramesh kumar began with basics of NGS and briefly explained the methodology used in NGS with a list of software (web based and stand alone) and companies involved in NGS work. He talked about the metagenomics and personalized medicine and provided the information about raw material required for NGS. he also gave brief introduction to pharmacogenomics, application of NGS.

23rd March 2013: A webinar on "Higher education and careers in Bioinformatics- Scope and Perspectives" in VIT Vellore

The webinar was conducted by RSG-India. Nine speakers ranging from postdocs to post graduate students residing across the world presided the live meeting and quenched various inherent queries which generally undergraduate bioinformatics student face.

14th -15th September 2012 : Genomics and Drug Designing Technologies Workshop in VIT Vellore

RSG-India organized 2 days Workshop on 'Drug discovery and Genomics' on 14th to 15th September 2012. The workshop was conducted in collaboration with Biodiscovery Solutions, a private contact research organization. The workshop aimed to provide the basic concepts and hands-on-training on various attributes of drug designing such as virtual screening, insilico screening, ADMET screening, Molecular docking and Structure-based drug designing and then discussed about the Genomics,DNA fingerprinting, Human Genome Project, ENCODE and gene delivery systems.

18th-21st December: 2011 : 18th International Conference on High Performance Computing, Bangalore

RSG-India was privileged to be a part of an international event for second consecutive year where we were able to project our ideas and initiatives by the medium of a booth provided to us at the conference.We shared platform with lot of other companies like Nvidia, DELL, Boston India, Intel etc.

4th -5th November 2011 : National Conference on Biopharmaceuticals & Healthcare In SirMVIT

RSG-India exhibited it's presence at the National Conference on Biopharmaceuticals & Healthcare.The stall received warm response with 32 delegates willing to be a part of this zealous group; from institutions spanning the country- from IAMR,Ghaziabad to PRIST University, TN.India.Most of the interested candidates were students with a small proportion of Academia/Industry delegates.A noteworthy event was the presence of Dr.Amit Kumar Saxena of CFTRI, who posed several queries about the organization and showed interest regarding the initiatives of the organisation.

2nd May 2011 : Guest Lecture on "Demonstration of the software used in drug design" In CBDG-SirMVIT

An insight of the drug discovery process and the various issues and scenarios related to it was given by Ms. Sonali Ghosh ,Sr.Applications Scientist at Apsara Innovations Pvt. Ltd .The session progressed with the demonstration of the software FlexX. The speaker, using suitable examples, demonstrated the various tools and applications offered by this software. The session concluded with the demonstration of several libraries and protocols available in the Discovery Studio suite. It offers a wider range of applications and options than FlexX.

18th April 2011 : Guest Lecture on "A colloqium on MATLAB in System Biology" in CBDG-SirMVIT

A guest lecture by Mr. Rohit Vashisht (currently pursuing PhD at Dr. Nagasuma Chandra's lab, IISc.) commenced with the introduction to the basic principles behind the emergence of systems biology by elaborating on the dynamics of different entities of the cell orchestrating to result in, mostly, flawless biological function.The need for development of mathematical models to simulate, represent, analyse and understand biological function particularly in the case of metabolic pathways was discussed at great length in addition to MATLAB enabled metabolic network development in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which the speaker is working on. The seminar was most interactive with the progression dictated by several doubts and queries posed by the audience. The demonstration was most interesting and really helped absorb the concepts explained in antecedence.

6th February 2011 : Guest lecture on"Entrepreneurship in Lifesciences and microarray technologies" in CBDG-VIT

RSG-India under the initiative CBDG with the aim of creating awareness and interest among the students on the career prospects in bioinformatics as well as to motivate the students to pursue a career in research has come up with a guest lecture on "Entrepreneurship in Life sciences and insight into microarray technologies" by Speaker Dr. Kshitish Acharya(Senior Scientist IBAB Bangalore, Founder of Shodhaka Life sciences Pvt. Ltd.It was successful event with the number of participants being 145.The speaker started the session with basics of molecular biology and then ended with the discussion on microarrays,and then further discussed on career planning and scope of researches and various aspects of entrepreneurship.

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