Ayush Raman

Doctoral Student
Baylor College of Medicine/MD Anderson Cancer Center
The University of Texas, TX 77030, United States


Ayush Raman is a third year graduate student in Dr. Zhandong Liu's lab at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston (BCM). He is currently collaborating with Dr. Huda Zoghbi at BCM on the role of Deep Brain Stimulation in Rett Syndrome and epigenetics studies in cancer with Dr. Kunal Rai at MD Anderson Cancer Center for his PhD thesis. He was a graduate student in the lab of Dr. Lynda Chin where he initially worked on lymphocytic infiltration in Melanoma tumors (Cell 2015) before her departure from MD Anderson.

He worked as Bioinformatics Scientist at Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle on gene regulatory networks (Litvak et al. Nature 2012) and mechanism of pathogenesis due to influenza and common cold virus (P&G project). He obtained his MS in Computational biology from Carnegie Mellon and was awarded Academic Achievement Fellowship for the excellence in academics and research. Prior to CMU, he did his undergraduate degree in Bioinformatics from VIT Vellore, from where he graduated with "Distinction with highest honors". He did his undergraduate thesis in Comparative genomics between M. tuberculosis and H. sapiens under the guidance of S. Ramachandran and Vani Brahmachari at IGIB, Delhi which was awarded as one of the best project work in the department.

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